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Mill Artifacts

Mill Artifacts at Nature’s MillWorks include items from the Paisley City Mill, home of Nature’s MillWorks and from mills in the area. The Crysler’s (owners of Nature’s MillWorks) have also used items from the mill in some of the crafts they create. The list and pictures below are only examples please visit the store to view these unique items. Click here for driving directions to Nature’s MillWorks.

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Small Tables

Large Tables

Mill Artifacts at Nature’s MillWorks include:

  • Candles and Candle Holders
  • Circular Tables, high, from wheels used in the original Paisley City Mill
  • Herb planters from the original elevator cups from the mill.
  • Large square table, low, built from the planks in the original dam.
  • Stencils from the original plate from the Mill
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Driving Instructions

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