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Arts & Crafts at Nature’s MillWorks support the work of local artists. The items in stock are continually changing. The listing and pictures below give you an idea of the types of items you may see in the store. Please click here for driving directions to the store.

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Acrylic On Slate

Art & Crafts Supplies


Block Prints

Candles and Holders



Knitting Supplies

Metal Sculptures


Rock Creatures

Sun Catchers

Wooden Bowls

Arts and Crafts at Nature’s MillWorks include:

  • Acrylic on slate - by Ann Marie Rouest of Paisley (Wind)
  • Art & Craft Supplies: Paints, colorful pipe cleaners and pompoms (Earth)
  • Art - Historic Building sketches and water colours by Ken Thornburn of Tara. (Earth)
  • Bird Houses (Earth)
  • Block prints - by Jan Marsh of Paisley (Water)
  • Canes - Carved by Norm Beech of Paisley(Earth)
  • Candles and Holders - Unique designs using mill and mill activities artifacts. (Fire)
  • Fountains (Water)
  • Glass - Blown by Kitras of Guelph (Earth)
  • Humidifiers (Water)
  • Knitting Supplies - by Philosopher’s Wool (Earth)
  • Metal Sculptures - (Earth)
  • Oil Lamps (Fire)
  • Paddle Towel Racks - by Paul Crysler (Water)
  • Pottery - by Steve Irvine and Timothy Smith both of Wiarton (Earth)
  • Rock Creatures - (Earth)
  • Sun Catchers - (Sun)
  • Teak Patio Chairs (Sun)
  • Wind Chimes (Wind)
  • Wooden Bowls - (Earth)
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